Free Seminar Theatre at SDW 2017

The SDW 2017 exhibition will again host an innovative and interactive Free-to-Attend seminar programme – the Knowledge Theatre - that will feature a range of industry experts and senior security officials.

The free programme is open to all delegates, exhibitors and exhibition visitors, and offers a diverse series of sessions on a mix of subjects, including market trends, foundational document security, fighting document and ID fraud and a new Connections for Innovation Seminar, aimed at helping start ups bring their ideas to market.

Seminars take place in the Knowledge Theatre in the 5th Floor Exhibition Hall and operate on a drop-in basis for registered attendees. 

Download a PDF of the seminar programme here.

  SDW 2016 Seminars

Tuesday  27 June

alt 09:40    Foundational document security

A chance for visitors to learn about the importance of foundational document security and ideas on how it may be improved

09:45     Breeder documents and beyond

The ORIGINS project on breeder documents ends in July 2017. This session will discuss enhancing and harmonizing the security of breeder documents, the weak links of current travel documents and more broadly ID documents.

Stéphane Caillebotte, Program Manager, OT-Morpho, Coordinator of the European Project ORIGINS, France
Charles de Couëssin, CEO, ID Partners, France

10:30    Creating trust in the ID document supply chain

•    How to create trust in our identification documents; Governmental trust and the trust of our citizens?
•    What strategies and tools/techniques do we need to employ to ensure we have the most secure documents we can?
•    If breeder documents are considered a weak link how do we secure them efficiently and effectively.

Joanne Ogden, Global Sales Manager, ITW Security Division, UK

10:50    Could breeder documents benefit from new digital technologies?

•    A primary step to defend national identity schemes is to protect and secure breeder documents;
•    With a large number of technologies available on the market, do digital technologies meet breeder documents needs?
•    Are these technologies adapted to different issuance methods?

Camille Diss, Governmental Solution Manager, Arjo Solutions, France

11:10-11:20    Questions


alt 11:45    Innovation in secure document production

Come and see some of the latest developments in secure document production including new materials choices and new collaborative approaches to personalisation

11:50     Alternative materials for travel documents

• Current options and limits;
• Latest evolutions in travel document materials;
• Cost effective options for new projects.

Pietro Parmeggiani, Managing Director, Bilcare Research, Italy

12:15    Evolving secure travel documents through innovation in laser personalisation

• The scale and complexity of new eID projects that involves laser technology personalisation, reveals that, the current vendors need to trust different technology owners' niche expertise;
• A strong network of reliable partners and good joint efforts of proved tests are essential requirements for successful cooperation;
• Case studies of valuable collaboration among industries that play an important role in eID projects.

Shanty Joeng, Director (APAC Region), IXLA Asia Pacific, Singapore

12:40-12:50    Questions


alt 13:30    Views from the Top


A prominent highlight of SDW for the past few years has been the panel: Views from the Top. The session brings together senior leaders from organisations operating across the document security and identity management arena to share their views from the top of their respective organisations.

Returning to the conference stage in 2017, Views from the Top will offer key insights into the challenges and opportunities that are driving change, affecting the market and shaping the future of the industry.  The SDW 2017 Views from the Top panel offers a powerful and rare opportunity to hear, first hand, the leadership’s thinking by examining the wider strategic context and considering the longer-term view of the design, development and wide-scale use of government-issued identity documents.
Led by Matthew Finn, Managing Director, AUGMENTIQ, UK
Carl-Otto Kuennecke, CEO, Otto Kuennecke
Frédéric Trojani, Executive Vice President - Government Programs, Gemalto
Didier Trutt, CEO - Imprimerie Nationale


alt 15:10    Tackling ID fraud

Join our expert speakers to hear some of the latest developments, industry insight and latest initiatives to help counter the increasing problem of document and identity fraud.

15:15     The private sector's role in disrupting ID crime

• Sharing intelligence
• Client care
• What are the benefits

Gavin Burton, Strategic Development Director, TrustID, UK

15:40    Working together against document fraud - an EU perspective!

• The document lifecycle-shared competencies: EU vs Member States
• The new Schengen visa and the EU residence permit for third country nationals
• The Commission Action Plan against document fraud
• Working together against a global threat

Silvia Kolligs-Tuffery, Policy Officer, Visa and Document Security Unit, Directorate for Migration and Mobility and Innovation, DG General Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission

16:05-16:15    Questions


Wednesday 28 June

alt 11:00-13:00     Connections for Innovation

This free seminar is aimed at bringing people together to explore potential ways in which various parts of the supply chain could bring new technologies into the market for security printing.

Whether you are a student, researcher, small company or large and established security features supplier, this seminar offers you the chance to make meaningful connections and take the next steps towards successful commercialisation.

Further information


a. The "Connections for Innovation" concept
b. Conclusions from the previous meeting


Printing research at the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC)

Miles Morgan, Post Graduate Researcher, Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, Swansea University, UK

Experience from a start-up - Ilumink

Dr Damian Gardiner, Business Development Manager, Tracerco, Johnson Matthey, UK

Conclusions and summary


alt 13:40    ID market trends

Take a look into the future of ID credentials and digital identity with our expert analysts. What are the trends and where will they have an impact?

13:45     Trends in identity credentials, digitisation & their convergence in smart airports

• Trends affecting identity credentials and future demand
• How digital identity improves operational processes and the user experience
• Capture, verification, biometrics and mobile in smart airports

John Devlin, Principal Analyst and Founder, P.A.ID Strategies, UK

14:05     Trends in basic and additional security features

• 20 years of evolution in ID documents
• What will the future bring us?

Maickel van Oijen, Supervisor Documents Helpdesk, Keesing Technologies, The Netherlands

14:25-14:35    Questions


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